15 Fitness Tips for Men You Should Know

15 Fitness Tips for Men You Should Know

Fitness has always been a man’s prime desire but the truth is that obesity is more widespread than fitness. About three out of every four men are obese. Some don’t have time to indulge themselves in physical activities while others have a lack of motivation that keeps them from achieving their goal. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that about 50% of men don’t engage in physical activities for more than 10 minutes a day. So, to cultivate good motivation, this article discusses 15 tips for men's fitness.

Tips on Men’s Fitness

Following are the 15 most popular tips to achieve fitness for men:


When working out, the efficiency of your muscles depends on what you eat. Having a balanced diet ensures everything you need to attain fitness and minimize the storage of fats. 

If you are looking to lose weight, you should refrain from eating processed foods. Calories help in building muscles. 

2. Sleep Well

Sleeping is necessary as it is a natural mechanism by which the muscles heal overtime. The workout requires energy and that comes from sleep. 

To become and remain fit, you should sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Sleeping well has proved to give the best possible results for men seeking ultimate fitness. 

3. Quit Being Obsessed With Your Body

To become fitter, you need to stop looking in the mirror and start working on your body. Work on how to nail your first pull up and then another and another. This will define your obsession, not the mirrors. 

During the Pumping Iron era in 1975, men defined their fitness on how they looked on a Speedo, but that’s not the case today. Nowadays, people seek to be much more realistic and good-looking. Softball biceps and single-digit body fat are not on the cards anymore as becoming fit all round has become the main aim of most men nowadays. 

4. Remain Well-Hydrated

Not drinking enough water can lead to many issues like dehydration and loss of energy. 60% of our body is made up of water so if you are exercising, you ought to drink at least 4 liters of water daily. 

Before you start exercising, be sure to drink a protein shake as it keeps you well-hydrated and provides you with the necessary proteins. If you are overweight and looking to lose weight, drink as much water as you can, and try to stay away from beverages. 

5. Do Something Everyday

It’s not necessarily true that an approach taken by one man will certainly prove to be good for someone else too. Science suggests that if you stick to a healthy workout and diet plan, there is a high chance of your success. 

You can do any physical activity or exercise you like for 30 to 45 minutes daily. This will definitely enhance the quality of your life.

6. Workout with a Partner

Loss of motivation is a major cause why people do not exercise but when working out with your buddy, it’s easier to remain motivated. Even if you are not at your best someday, your partner may motivate you to go through the day and vice versa. 

This strategy makes a healthy surrounding filled with motivation. Your partner can be anyone; he may be a friend of yours or even your wife. 

7. Warm-Ups

Stretching your muscles is very essential before a workout. It minimizes the risk of injuries to your body while exercising

Try to warm up for at least 4 to 5 minutes. You can do trunk rotations and abdominal stretches as well. 

8. Compound Exercises

Exercises that are not specific for a particular muscle often go well just after warming up. Try a DB squat that works on several muscles at a time and enhances your fitness level. 

9. Cardio for Losing Weight

Losing weight is often the hardest part for certain men. It requires abiding by a healthy diet plan for the days ahead along with intense cardio exercises. Cardio forces your fat to burn while elevating your heart rate. 

10. Mix it Up

You’ll be surprised to see how well your body adapts to changes. Mix your routine a bit because if you fix the same routine day in and day out, your body may become accustomed to it and cannot withstand any other harsh day. 

Change your order of routine workout or do something that your body may not expect. Test your body and swap days as keeping your body alert and adaptable to any changes in the environment will make you achieve your goals. 

11. Train Well

A fitness freak knows that training and exercising are as different as cheese and chalk. Exercising is what you do every day but training is a planned process with a lot of mind and thought put in to achieve a goal. 

While striving for fitness, you should set multiple goals ahead of you. These goals must be short but not easy to achieve so that you may need to go the extra mile. 

12. Listen to the Body

Reaching the “volitional fatigue” (the point after which you are unable to do any more reps) is considered more significant than lifting heavy weights with lesser repetitions.

Lifting more after reaching that stage might cause you an injury. 

13. Eat Well After a Workout

Once you have trained well for the day, come back home and give your body a treat. Eat food with high amounts of carbs as they are the main source of your energy. 

Only exercising and not eating well may worsen your health as all your energy is expended on the weights while not getting enough for the next day. 

14. Read Nutrition Labels

To remain fit and not sabotaging your healthy diet, you should make a habit to always read nutrition labels. These labels have all the nutrients and their amounts written on them so it’s easier to remain true to your diet.

15. Avoid Experimenting with New Foods

New foods are always a risk as you may not know what’s hidden inside. Maybe it comes with a lot of fat and all your diet plan gets destroyed without you being aware of it. 

Just eat the foods you know about and avoid such foods that look delicious but you don’t know anything about them. 

Key Takeaway

Men’s fitness is no joke and if you want to achieve it, you need to have good control over your body and mind. Motivation is the key to all success, so you better not let that go if you want to make the ultimate physique of your dreams

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