Rich Health is an online medical center committed to equipping the public with relevant, groundbreaking, actionable health-related knowledge that leads to fit bodies and a healthy lifestyle, while also providing guidance and support for people recovering from stroke and injuries.

The Rich Health online platform is a trove of curated medical articles and videos sourced from top of the line medical experts and it contains a vast array of actionable information regarding total well-being. The Rich Health team comprises medical professionals and practitioners with expertise that cover a wide range of fields such as cancer, cardiology, dermatology, diet, immunology, orthopedic, etc. as well as digital technology experts that ensure this medical knowledge is made available through the state of the art technology infrastructure.

Rich Health believes health is the highest form of wealth and as such is committed to creating wholeness and maintaining good health by showing stroke and injury recovery best practices, offering visually engaging fitness techniques, and educating via medical articles and online video tutorials.


Creating wholeness and maintaining good health in individuals through education, stroke and injury recovery practices, and fitness techniques.


Connecting professional medical practitioners with the common man and woman in order to increase medical knowledge and community well-being. 

Meet the Rich Health team:

Grandmaster E. Ikpeme PH.D

Exercise Kinesiologist and Health Professional

Grandmaster E. Ikpeme is the creator of the Abdominoplasty exercise program for sculpting the tummy. He is the founder of the Association of Martial Arts Science and Sports Medicine, Professional. He is a corporate Elites and Seniors Fitness Personal Trainer in Pilates, Yoga, Self Defense, Post-Rehab, and Total Body Enhancement

Some of his achievements and qualifications are stated below:

  • Started Yoga Practise through American TV Yoga Guru, R.  Hittleman in 1973


  • Graded Black belt as a member of the first generational black-belters in Nigeria in 1977


  • Gained admission to study sports coaching at Obafemi Awolowo University in 1983


  • Contracted to serve as 7th national sports festival head coach of River state Taekwondo and won 2 gold medals in 1987


  • Appointed National Coach/Lecturer by Nigerian Taekwondo Federation and National Institute for Sports in 1990


  • Appointed Technical Adviser by Cameroonian Taekwondo Federation, Yaounde in 2001


  • Team leader to 1st World Cup Taekwondo Championship in Florida, USA in 2004


  • Conferred with a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Martial Arts by International University of Higher Martial Arts Education, India in 2013


Femi Oyelese 

Chief Technology Officer.

Femi Oyelese is a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering. He has several years of experience in media technology helping to setup several content platforms and projects. He is the Chief Technology Officer of Rich Health ensuring that content reaches the public across several mediums in an effective and efficient manner.