Exercises For Flat Tummy

Exercises For Flat Tummy

Getting advice on exercises for flat tummy is one of the top reasons people visit the gym. Having a flat tummy is something both men and women desire for several reasons.

While the most obvious reasons why people are interested in exercises for flat tummy is to look better and be more attractive, there are actually very serious health reasons why you should strive to have a flat tummy. 

If you don’t have a flat tummy, if you have too much belly fat, chances are you also struggle with your energy, mood swings, sleep issues and blood sugar.

Not having a flat tummy usually means that, if not now but later, you're most likely suffering with deep belly fat which increases your risk of an early and painful deathThis is because that deep fat surrounds your vital organs, including your liver, causing an increased risk of health issues like sleep apnea, joint pain, depression, anxiety, and muscle pain AND diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

So, not only does excess belly fat make you look unattractive, it's damaging your health and taking years off your life!

However, if you lose excess belly fat and develop a flat tummy, you have so much health and psychological benefits to enjoy.   

These are just a few benefits you will enjoy when you lose your belly fat and develop a flat tummy:

  • You will look and feel wonderful when you’re naked (making you more attractive to the opposite sex)


  • You will become more confident (because nothing will make you feel great about yourself quite like getting your body in the best shape it’s been in for years – with ripped ‘6 Pack Abs’)




  • Your skin will be clearer


  • You will have increased mental clarity and focus (leading to better productivity)

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And so much more!

With all these amazing benefits of having a flat tummy, the question is how can you melt belly fat and have a flat tummy or what is the secret to having a flat tummy?

To have a flat tummy, you need to know and do these 3 secrets:

Secret 1: Do not overeat. Eat until you feel full then stop eating! Avoid stuffing yourself with food to the point that you can’t move

Secret 2: Eat mostly real food. That is, nothing processed, full of chemicals, and nothing toxic

Secret 3: Exercise daily.

That’s it…if you do these three things consistently, you’ll have a flat tummy 

The first two secrets are very simple and straightforward. Although it’s important to know the right food to eat too, we will be dwelling more on the third secret to having a flat tummy: exercise

Exercises for Flat Tummy

If you’re doing the first two secrets mentioned above, you need to combine them with the right exercises for flat tummy in order to reduce your belly fat. There are 6 exercises for flat tummy which you must be doing daily or frequently if you want to have a flat tummy. These exercises for flat tummy are:


Leg Raise

Lie down on your back and slowly raise both your legs and hands. Don’t raise them both completely, but stop half-way and return your legs and hands back to the ground slowly. You should do about ten repetitions of this movement and increase the number gradually.



Mountain Climber

Lie down with your stomach to the ground and lift your body up with both hands, like if you’re about to do press-ups or pushups. Hold this position and move your right knee to touch your left arm then move your left knew to touch your right hand. You should do about ten repetitions of this movement and increase the number gradually.



Lie down on your back with your hands behind your ears. Raise your knees and close your right elbow towards your left knee, then close your left elbow towards your right knee. Do this as many times as you can to get a flat tummy and other amazing health benefits of crunches.



Lie on the floor with your toes and forearms on the ground. Maintain your body in a straight position and hold this position as long as you can


Side Plank

Lie on your right side, then lift your body up with your right hand supporting your body and raise your left hand up. Hold this position for several seconds then switch to lying on your left side with your body supported by your left hand while you raise your right hand up.



Russian Twist

Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Lift your feet a little above the ground with your back tilted backwards. Then hold your hands together and twist or sway from side to side

If you do these six exercises for flat tummy daily or frequently, you will melt your excess belly fat and develop a flat tummy.

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