How Exercise Affects Men’s Testosterone Levels

How Exercise Affects Men’s Testosterone Levels

This may sound totally crazy but if you exercise, you’ve partially depleted your testosterone.

You’re not going to like this, but there are several studies showing that exercise lowers testosterone levels.

Especially exercise where you exhaust yourself as endurance exercise or aerobic exercise.

Testosterone levels fell after these sedentary men performed bicycling exercises.

They were not men who were used to exercising.

It turns out that giving them zinc raised the testosterone levels to the normal amounts.

Exercise had no negative effect — so long as they had the zinc.

“The results indicate that exercise decreases thyroid hormones and testosterone in sedentary men.”

However, zinc supplementation prevents this decrease.

“Administration of a physiologic dose of zinc can be beneficial to performance.”

But it is not just weekend warriors who experience lower testosterone from exercise.

Even athletes experience lower testosterone from exercise but the good news is that zinc reverses this!

This study used experienced, high-performance athletes.

Researchers studied these athletes after having them exercise to exhaustion.

They found that these men had much lower testosterone.

Zinc reversed testosterone — and returned it to its normal levels.

Zinc is a proven way to boost testosterone levels after exercise, especially if you want to increase testosterone naturally.

If you do want to supplement with zinc, make sure it’s in the form of zinc gluconate, and make sure you’re getting plenty of copper too since zinc can deplete copper.


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