Vitamin B Immunity Boosting Power
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Vitamin B Immunity Boosting Power

While antibiotics can be amazing lifesavers, if you are sick, you may not want to just take an antibiotic.

There are drawbacks to taking antibiotics too often. A big reason not to overuse antibiotics is because bacteria develop an immunity to them.

So the next time you’re ill enough to need the antibiotic, it may not work anymore. Therefore, you may want to lower the infection with a natural method.

Or you may have a bacterial infection that is super serious, such as pneumonia or MRSA, and you may need something MORE than antibiotics.

Enter vitamin B2 — the little-known immunity enhancer with powerful antibacterial qualities.

If this study is what it claims to be, you aren’t going to need large amounts of B2 for very long.

In the study, they injected mice with vitamin B2. Then they challenge the mice with various bacterial infections. The results were striking.

“The mechanism of action of VB2 for enhancing resistance in mice may be, at least in part, its ability to stimulate the multiplication of neutrophils and monocytes, and to activate macrophages.”

Mice given enough vitamin B2 did not die from the infection. Mice without the boost in vitamin B2 all died.

And the levels of vitamin B2 required are not really that high. Plus, vitamin B2 is extremely safe.

This means that if you have a bacterial infection of any kind, you should seriously consider talking to your doctor about taking vitamin B2.

It’s easily available and not expensive. It may augment the effectiveness of any antibiotic.

And if your illness is not that serious, you may find that just taking the vitamin B2 is enough.

It doesn’t seem like vitamin B2 is limited to being useful against only a few types of bacteria either.

The study shows that it may work against a wide variety of bacterial infections.

If you are going to try large amounts of vitamin B2, you should make sure to take plenty of other B vitamins including niacinamide, thiamine, and biotin.

You might want to take a good, high-quality B supplement to help balance things out.


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