9 Essential Vitamins for Your Skin
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9 Essential Vitamins for Your Skin

If you are thinking of purchasing a new beauty product to get rid of your red and scaly patches or the miserable acne that lets you down in every event, then stop where you are. It's time to find some products loaded with vitamins! 


Yes, consuming some vitamin-enriched creams can do a far better job than your daily whitening moisturizer filled with tons of chemicals. 


For example, products that contain special vitamins for skin (more on them later) can protect your skin against free radical injuries, lessen hyper-pigmentation spots, and treat wrinkles. This article will help you find the difference between a Vitamin A-derived serum and Vitamin C retinol cream so that you are all set to purchase skincare products wisely.


9 Essential Vitamins for Skin Health


1.Vitamin A: A Widely Known Vitamin for Skin

With being a renowned antioxidant, Vitamin-A is one of the most effective vitamins as far as your skin is concerned. Medical research suggests that a person suffering from psoriasis, acne, and other skin related problems is likely to have a deficiency of vitamin-A in his or her body. 


It helps stimulate collagen production by stopping its breakdown which further helps in building a stronger barrier against sun damage. Vitamin A also boosts the oil-producing glands around hair follicles and might also assist in helping scrapes and cuts. 


This vitamin can be found in foods like mangoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots. Another distinct type of vitamin A can also be found in dairy, need, and eggs


2. Vitamin C: All-In-One Vitamin

Undoubtedly, Vitamin C is crucial for your overall health but it is the best vitamin for the skin too. The vitamin is found in the outer and inner layers to keep it firm and help build collagen. It also safeguards the skin from free radical harm and helps prevent and repair dry skin.

Because of this role, you will find high levels of Vitamin C in anti-aging creams. One can also find an abundance of Vitamin C in bell peppers, strawberries, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, broccoli, and of course citrus fruits.


3. Vitamin K: Wound Healer

Vitamin K is very essential in enabling your blood to coagulate. This is why Vitamin K helps in repairing bruises and wounds. As far as your skin is concerned, Vitamin K is one another must needed vitamin which fights all the blood circulation related problems that make your skin dark.

The skin problems that usually exist due to circulatory problems are spider veins, dark circles, and even scars and stretch marks. If you want to lessen the appearance of these issues, try eating plenty of liver, milk, cabbage, and kale.


4. Vitamin E: A Skin Beautifying Vitamin

Vitamin E is again a prominent antioxidant like the two listed above but this special vitamin for skin can beautify it like no other. As said by Harvard Health Publications, vitamin E seems to stock vitamin A to combat sun damage.

If you are in search of a one-step solution to getting rid of your awkward acne problems, then vitamin E will be your best companion. Studies show that supportive dietary standards with zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E enriched food may lead to good results in case of severe acne.


There is plenty of food rich in vitamin E such as vegetable oil, seeds, nuts, and many vegetables and fruits.


5. Vitamin B3: Niacin

You can get high levels of vitamin B3, often called Niacin, in many foods, both plants, and animals. Undoubtedly vitamin B3 is a significant vitamin for skin health, but also for your blood cells, brain, and nervous system.


You might have encountered plenty of anti-aging creams containing a derivative of vitamin B3, the niacinamide. This is because vitamin B3 can help you curtail the skin aging process significantly. A recent trial showed that vitamin B3 may also assist in curing some kinds of skin cancers.


6. Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is formed from cholesterol on your skin via the action of sunlight. Most people who reside in the northern parts of the world are not able to get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D via sunlight. That is where Vitamin D containing food, fortified products, and supplements comes into play.


Natural origins of vitamin D are eggs, mushrooms, and fish. Vitamin D in limited amounts can help you prevent premature aging, but don't sit for too long because too much exposure to the sun can reverse the process.


7. Choline

Your body produces a fair amount of choline which is required but consuming different food sources rich in choline can be another good thing. This vitamin is found in foods like milk, eggs, and peanuts.


Choline is most vital for the building of membranes that surround your body cells (also the skin cells).


8. Vitamin B5: Best Vitamin for Skin Hydration

Vitamin B5, another vitamin linked to the B family of vitamins, is also called panthenol and pantothenic acid. All skincare products that contain vitamin B5 deliver some of the nicest skin hydration results. 


Some research suggests that vitamin B5 is crucial for the normal epithelial process. It enhances skin barrier processes and prevents your skin from dehydration. So if you come across a product containing vitamin B5 in its list of ingredients, know that it will keep your skin hydrated.


You can also earn ample vitamin B5 through avocadoes, whole grains, and chicken.   


9. Folic Acid

You might have heard about the bounties of folic acid especially in the case of pregnancy. This is because folic acid is very important for the production of new cells. Due to the same role, folic acid helps prevent premature aging, especially fine lines, and wrinkles.


Folic acid also seems to enhance the creation of collagen, giving you an ideal toned and firm skin.



Taking good care of your skin should be your priority in your daily routine. Your skin is after all the largest and the most prominent organ in your body. 


Concentrating more on your nutrient uptake is also very critical in achieving healthy skin. The role of vitamins in keeping your skin fresh can be judged how vitamin deficiencies usually become apparent on no other organ but your skin.


Hence, make it your utmost duty, to fulfill the vitamin requirements to make your skin look fresh and flawless.


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