Health Benefits of Taurine
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Health Benefits of Taurine

Your small intestine is a boiling soup of what is called bile acids.  Bile acids are essential for digestion and life.

But many people have low bile acids. So they have poor digestion and lots of endotoxins entering their body. Raising bile acids has profound health improvements for many men.

One of the keys to increasing bile acid is getting more taurine in your diet. Increasing taurine intake also increases bile acids.

Taurine feeding was observed to induce an increase in bile flow as well as in the rate of excretion of bile acids

It is well known that 500 mg to 2000 mg of taurine per day significantly increases the flow of bile acids.

If you are starting to take taurine, you may want to do it with natural foods instead of supplements.

Increase your consumption of clams, shrimp, and fish, as they are high in taurine.

You can also take taurine as a relatively inexpensive supplement.

If you do decide to use taurine, you should start with a very small dose. You can work your way up to your ideal dose slowly to avoid issues.

Taurine can give you a little bit of stomach upset and gastric distress as your bile acids are increasing.

Usually this distress goes away after a few days.

Always speak to your doctor before you change supplementation or diet.

And make sure that you pay close attention to your body. Not everything will agree with everybody, and you need to be aware to notice issues.

But it is a good bet that you may benefit from increasing the taurine in your diet.

And increasing your taurine will increase your bile acids and your metabolism.



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